The Ninth Step toward Riches


Chapter 10 Mastermind



Listening to the call this week and rereading the chapter, I realized the quality / level of people needed to advance me  toward my “Widely Important Goals”.

I have been spinning my wheels with people with little self motivation in the area of changing their surroundings, trying to build them up instead of building myself up. Trying to raise them up and be celebrated instead of doing the same for myself first. Wanting so badly for them to shine first, before I can see it in  myself first. And being stuck in not letting go of what I perceived as past wrongings…causing me to not trust, let go and move on.

Chapter 10 Mastermind2

The quality of life they have created that they complain about… but do not take the tiny little steps to improve it. They can’t see their vibration. And I’ll admit, it has taken me over 3 years to get to where it is easier to see my vibration  in my own world.  I will stop chasing people and leave the door open to them instead and work with the volunteers.

chapter 10 mastermind preacher story

I have found that this in-site has opened up a whole new level of things to accomplish.  I’m reminded of the sayings that only you can truly save yourself. There truly are opportunities all around you. Like the preacher on the roof top during the flood. Many reached out to help him, but he waived them off. We may even be able to call a Calvary over the hill to save us, but if we won’t receive or accept their help, they will go on their way…and we have wasted our energy…our Power from the Infinite Intelligence.


Now I come back around to ask myself, are you “All IN” in achieving your Desire?


Have I discovered what my true Desires are? What would it take to let go of what I thought were true desires and turned out to not be, and move on to better defining what they really are and doing them with a group in very high vibration exclusively? What does that plan look like? What would it take to write down this new vision gifted me from Infinite Intelligence… and make and take the plan of action?



Thank you for everything,

Vanessa Hart Colorado USA

On Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:CHAPTER 9, PERSISTENCE: THE SUSTAINED EFFORT NECESSARY TO INDUCE FAITH, The Eighth Step toward Riches

On Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:CHAPTER 9, PERSISTENCE: THE SUSTAINED EFFORT NECESSARY TO INDUCE FAITH, The Eighth Step toward Riches

chapter 10 poster_persistence



Some day’s…  it means that I …


  • Managed to get out of bed
  • Took action even though I didn’t have a plan
  • Pulled out the plan and changed it or did parts or all of it
  • Did anything even though it looked stupid in the beginning
  • Picked up the 5000 pound phone
  • Looked for more answers
  • Looked for more inspiration
  • Made time to meditate even though I didn’t feel like it but knew it world feel better
  • Refined self-talk
  • Did something outside the normal box of activities. Aka. Moving out of the comfort zone on a regular basis.
  • Remembered to take time to take care of self too on a routine before taking care of others.
  • Making that call one more time even though I may not have all the right words or the right answers for the prospect. (After all, I can always Skype, Facebook, Tweet, Google, etc. the question and get an answer from my mentors).
  • Messaging a couple of more people every day
  • Work on removing the past limiting beliefs I’ve held for so long in order to be more of my true authentic self
  • Put one more bean in my pocket (representing how many people I will talk to in the day)
  • Move all my beans from the left pocket to the right though out the day



Thank you for everything,

Vanessa Hart USA Colorado

On Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:CHAPTER 8, DECISION: THE MASTERY OF PROCRASTINATION, The Seventh Step toward Riches

On Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:CHAPTER 8, DECISION: THE MASTERY OF PROCRASTINATION, The Seventh Step toward Riches


Also known as the, “I will succeed at this no mater what” attitude followed by the, “What would it take” question.


These things have an energy that will lift you up above any problem or trouble that you call in and experience. You may be saying, wait…what? Yes, any problem or trouble that you call in. In the last chapter Napoleon Hill reminds us that we are 100% responsible (attribute 10  of a leader) for all the things in our life. The problems and troubles you are experiencing are a vibration you are putting out. It has brought you what you asked for knowingly or not. Here it is…now raise up your energy to get over it, be bigger than it’s vibration and un-create it and solve it and move on; lesson learned on how not to call in what you do not want.

Chapter 8 Procrastination Stuck

The longer you dwell on anything, the longer it will stick.


Remember, you are living your life, not anyone else’s. Get other peoples energy out of your system. Go do what excites you RIGHT NOW while the energy is there.


Your power in beating procrastination is the principles of desire, decision, faith, persistence, The mastermind and organized planning (aka. getting clear)


Indecision, the waiting game, is only a bad habit. Want what you want like you need air…


Thank you so much, Vanessa Hart Colorado USA


On Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:Chapter 7, Organized Planning: The Crystallization Of Desire Into Action, The Sixth Step Toward Riches

On Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:Chapter 7, Organized Planning: The Crystallization Of Desire Into Action, The Sixth Step Toward Riches

chapter 7 planing


The Creations Of Plans To Think And Grow Rich


Some People Forget That This Activity Also Includes Themselves. The Skills And Knowledge They Will Need In Their New Undertaking. Network Marketing Or Building Any Business,  Has A Bunch Of Specific Skills Needed To See Some Kind Of Success. Speaking, Communication, Leadership, Relationship Building, Problem Solving, Priority Managing In Time, Business Management, Etc. What Is The Plan To Gain These Things?

Chapter 7 goals

One Must Become More To Create More Of A Life

A Thing That Brings You Lively-Ness, Your Livelihood. Some Forget Or Just Don’t Know That The Activities One Does Should Bring Joy. Learning How To Be Happy Is Also A Skill, Conjuring Emotions Of How One Wants To Feel In The Future In The Now Takes Practice…But, Only Proper Practice Brings The Results. There Are Plenty Of Ways To Practice In A Manor That Brings The Opposite Result. Thoughtfulness Is Needed. Remember Kaizen, The Continuous Practice Of Improvement In Plan, Do, Review. Find People Who Know What You Want To Know And Form A Partnership With Them; A Mastermind.


If One Finds Past Beliefs Or Blocks Preventing The Actions And Results Desired, Where Or Who Do You Go To To Fix It? What Skills Do You Look For To Create That Expansion In Yourself? What Skills Do You Want To Learn To Get Over The Fears Of The Past?


Then Of Course, Even If It Is Only Half A Plan, Just Do Something. Continuing To Plan, As Some Personality Types Frequently Do, Will Get You Nowhere. Create Joy In The Seeing Of The Plan Come Together In Unexpected Ways. Be Willing To Be Out Of Your Comfort Zone. Be Willing To Look At A Problem, Say “Yep, That’s A Problem”, Then Brainstorm For Answers. Keep The Energy Moving And Not Stuck On, “Yep, That’s A Problem”. Look And Listen For Solutions. They Will Flash Into Your Mind. That Is Where The Magic Will Happen.

chapter 7 selfdevelopment

A Quitter Never Wins-And—A Winner Never Quits.


Whether You Know It Or Not, You Have Now Begun On The Path Of Accepting A New Life. You Are Taking On A Responsibility That Has Always Been Yours, You Just May Not Have Known It. You Are The Leader Of You Life. Napoleon Hill Lists What I Think Is The Most Important Leadership Attribute 10th:


The Major Attributes Of Leadership


  1. Willingness To Assume Full Responsibility. The Successful Leader

Must Be Willing To Assume Responsibility For The Mistakes And The

Shortcomings Of His Followers. If He Tries To Shift This Responsibility, He Will

Not Remain The Leader. If One Of His Followers Makes A Mistake, And Shows

Himself Incompetent, The Leader Must Consider That It Is He Who Failed.


Only You Are Able To Take Up The Mantle Of Your Life. And Whether You Want To Accept It Or Not, You Are 100% Responsible For Attracting Everything That Is In It. Wouldn’t Now Be A Good Time To Look At The Habits And Systems And Models Of Reality You Have Been Using To Build It? And Maybe, Get Some New Ones?


Thank You So Much,

Vanessa Hart Colorado Usa


On Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:CHAPTER 6, IMAGINATION: THE WORKSHOP OF THE MIND, The Fifth Step toward Riches

On Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:CHAPTER 6, IMAGINATION: THE WORKSHOP OF THE MIND, The Fifth Step toward Riches

chapter 6 trees 1

Roiling darkness of questioning thoughts

Just on the edge of waking

The possibilities of the coming days activities

The habits of the job, the dreams of “want-to-do’s”

The feelings and thoughts of very close friends

Remembering of the childhood fun things

This magical place is the space between

Where what is currently attached to can be changed

The realm of magically “letting  go”

And becoming more than the feelings of the past

Recognizing it is not now

Choosing to make today a new attachment

Making the Fantasy the actual Future

No longer manifesting the past broken things


Thank you so very much,

Vanessa Hart Colorado USA

On Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:CHAPTER 5, SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE, PERSONAL EXPERIENCES OR OBSERVATIONS, The Fourth Step toward Riches

On Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:CHAPTER 5, SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE, PERSONAL EXPERIENCES OR OBSERVATIONS, The Fourth Step toward Riches

Chapter 4 did you know

The Road To Specialized Knowledge…

I remember as a child, one of the most frequently (and at the time, most annoying ) asked questions was…”What do you want to be when you grow up?”


At first I didn’t understand what they meant and they would add examples like…”Do you want to be a nurse, a teacher, etc.” I remember saying I just wanted to “color” and later “play on the piano”.


They, the adults, would say…”No, no. You  have to choose something grown-up to make money at. You can’t make money doing that.”

Chapter 4 Grow Up

Specialists Most Sought…

Later my answers evolved into “playing and writing music” and being an “artist” and “writing stories”. I would then be told that…”It’s too hard to make money doing that. You need to choose a college course to get a real job or join the Armed Services.” Well…as you can guess, I never did any of that.


I ended up leaving home right after High School graduation, moved in with my  “sweet-heart” (we later got married and four years later started a family. 🙂 Still married. ) and I began, little did I know, my career in the Specialized Knowledge of the restaurant industry and lower management.

Chapter 4 Restaurant

You Can Get All The Knowledge You Need…

So, here I am, having spent half a life-time literally fighting the Six Ghosts of Fear, learning “How To Think, Not What To Think” doing “The 30-Day Mental Cleanse”  and the “What”, “Why” & “How” to “Think and Grow Rich”.


Thank you so much to Michael and Linda, Bob and Anna Bassett, and everyone else I’ve met on this journey and everyone I have yet to meet.


Vanessa Hart

Colorado USA




On Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:CHAPTER 4, AUTO-SUGGESTION, THE MEDIUM FOR INFLUENCING THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, The Third Step toward Riches

On Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:CHAPTER 4, AUTO-SUGGESTION, THE MEDIUM FOR INFLUENCING THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND, The Third Step toward Riches

song in head

Have you ever had a song get stuck in your head?

Hour after hour, it keeps coming back? Happens to me all the time. That artist has mastered the skill of creating an auto-suggestion in you mind.  It’s as simple as that. Now it’s your turn to intentionally create the same affect for your life. Let’s do the lesson:

6 steps

“Go back to these six steps described in chapter two, and read them again, very carefully, before you proceed further.”


6 Ways to Turn Desire Into Gold:


1)Fix in your mind the exact amount of money you desire.

2)Determine exactly what you intend to give in return.

3)Establish a date.

4)Create a plan of action and take action.

5)Write all this down.

6)Repeat to yourself out loud many times a day, especially at waking and at going to sleep, with visualization

and feelings of already being in possession of the money. (Joy, Love, Happiness, etc.)


Going forward in the book, compare these steps to the 4 instructions on the Organization of your “Master Mind” group in Chapter 7 Organized Planning.


The Crystallization of Desire:


1)Ally yourself with as many people as you may need for the creation and carrying out of your plan or plans for the accumulation of money – follow the Master Mind Principle in Chapter 10.

2)Before forming the group, decide what advantages and benefits you may offer the individual members of the group.

3)Arrange to meet with the members of your “Master Mind” group at least twice a week, more often if possible.

4)Maintain perfect harmony between all members.


The seed? Your thought. The soil? Your emotions.


Autosuggestion is a way to change your habits. Sometimes it works quickly and sometimes it takes a long time. It is key to recognize when resistance comes up. The Infinite Intelligence, because it loves you so much, it will reveal obstacles that are overriding the new desired habit of creation. This is where a mentor or master mind group comes in to aid. Frequently the old habit is more obvious to others, who are then able to point things out. Then change happens faster and faster and the world becomes more wonderful.


So, go find the people who are there to go on this journey with you, they are waiting just outside your door.


Do the work, learn the lesson. Intuition is telling you to pay attention. Post your self talk all over your house; kitchen cabinets, bathroom mirror, bedroom wall, just above the TV or computer.


I am thankful for everyone that finds this post. I hope the30-day mental cleans also helps you. It’s free to join this wonderful group of people.


I am grateful to all who download Success In 10 Steps and allow me to help them grow into the person they were meant to be.


Thank you so very much,

Vanessa Hart Colorado USA

30-Day Mental Cleanse

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Source: What 11 Successful People Wish They Knew About Money in Their 20s

On Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:CHAPTER 15,HOW TO OUTWIT THE SIX GHOSTS OF FEAR

On Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:CHAPTER 15,HOW TO OUTWIT THE SIX GHOSTS OF FEAR



Emotions Fly


As I read this chapter, I had a vision enter my minds eye. It was of a large flock of birds lifting up from the city building tops. They came together and swarmed all around the open sky. It reminded of how thoughts and emotions will lift from each person at a location, attracting like minded thoughts and feelings and hovering around an area.


Floating Fears


Though the thoughts and emotions are unseen by our eyes unlike the birds, they are similar. We will feel the emotions of a place or group of people. Their fears or joys. The fears are dark and heavy. They push the light feelings away and invite poverty and lack of everything. This flock of birds fights amongst themselves for everything and screeches in anger.

The joys are light and airy.


They sing as they flock and invite a wonderment in watching them as they create.

Like the flocking birds, our thoughts and feelings lift up and out from us and swarm with like minds thoughts.


What will yours bring you when they come home to roost at the end of their flight?


What you send out always comes home. Ask your intuition to show you what fears have been hidden from your consciousness. Then you will begin to be able to change the fears into joys.

Thank you for this wonderful Master Mind,

Vanessa Hart Colorado USA

30 Day Mental Cleanse

On Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:CHAPTER 14,THE SIXTH SENSE,THE DOOR TO THE TEMPLE OF WISDOM,The Thirteenth Step toward Riches

On Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill:CHAPTER 14,THE SIXTH SENSE,THE DOOR TO THE TEMPLE OF WISDOM,The Thirteenth Step toward Riches


Tapping The Source Of Inspiration

My inner voice & hunches have always been there. My sixth sense quietly whispering.  I find that I frequently followed them to learn new information or get answers to questions.


My biggest struggle has been believing enough, and trusting enough that they were the right things for me to be doing once the answers were gotten. I was always waiting and listening for those who were “in charge”, or “knew what was right for me”, the correct activity to be taking with the answers. Unfortunately it usually backfired in my face. I have always had a hard time feeling like I was relating to those people.


A Mighty Force Of Slow Growth

I have discovered that I have to align myself with the people who Mr. Hill speaks of in the chapter about the Master Mind Group. Many of these people have been in the Mentoring For Free and 30 Day Mental Cleanse Group. My Sixth Sense was telling me to find the people who I needed. Ever since, my hunches, the answers and activities have begun to line up and things are getting better every day. Magical things just show up, goals are easier to achieve and activities are a whole lot more fun.


Relax and trust in your Sixth Sense.


Thank you so much for everything,

Vanessa Hart Colorado USA

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